Welcome to Swedevox

The Swedish national register for patients on Long Term Oxygen Therapy and Home Mechanical Ventilation. General information are presented in English, complete information is available only in Swedish.



Swedevox is a national internet-based register for quality assurance of:

    • Long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) for hypoxic respiratory failure

    • Long-term mechanical ventilation therapy (LTMV) for hypercapnic respiratory failure

    • CPAP therapy for sleep apnoea

The register is supported by the Swedish Society of Respiratory Medicine (SLMF). It is financed by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), an association of the overwhelming majority of health care givers in Sweden.

Swedevox prospectively follows patients starting LTOT since 1987, LTMV since 1996 and CPAP since July 2010. All Swedish hospitals (with some exceptions for CPAP) report their patients to the register. Completeness of data is facilitated by our tax-financed health care within a homogenous health care system. Vital status is checked monthly from the Swedish Population register. 

The annual reports of the Swedevox Register (in Swedish only) contain demographic and physiologic data on the patients and a limited amount on treatment details. Patient Related Outcome Measures are also reported to the register, unfortunately the data are rather incomplete due to logistic reasons.

Results on national levels are discussed on annual meetings for participating physicians, nurses and physiotherapists. On-line presentations of continuously updated data for all clinics are publically available on the register´s website.

Register data are also used for research:




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