Differences in outcome between women and men treated for an infra-renal abdominal aortic aneurysm

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  • The aim of this study is to utilize Swedvasc, 1997-2017, to analyze differences in outcome between women and men treated for AAA, by means of a propensity score analysis.Using Swedvasc, data on all men and women that underwent AAA surgery during 1997-2017 will be identified and extracted from the register. The type of surgery (open or endovascular), general risk factors for vascular disease, age, and co-morbidity will serve as the base for constructing a propensity score, enabling the specific study of the influence of gender on surgical out. The outcome after AAA surgery is of great importance in further understanding the natural history of AAA in women and in the attempt to propose a meaningful screening program.

Patrik Söderberg MD; Sverker Svensjö MD, PhD; Anders Wanhainen MD, PhD
Department of Surgical Sciences, Section of Vascular Surgery, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, Department of Surgery, Falun County Hospital, Falun, Sweden, Center for Clinical Research (CKF), Dalarna, Sweden
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