UCR keep regular courses in Good Clinical Practice and Monitoring of clinical trials,  mainly for personnel at hospitals in the area around Uppsala and researchers at Uppsala University, but often with guests from other parts of Sweden and sometimes also from Norway and Denmark. The courses are held in Swedish.

UCR is also responsible for the University course in Clinical Drug Development  in cooperation with the Dept of Medical Science at Uppsala University. The course aims to provide students with a broad and deep knowledge of most stages in a drug's development from idea to completed product. Special emphasis is placed on clinical trial methodology, where the students will learn to plan a larger clinical trial. It is a full time course given in English, that runs every September-January.

A compulsory course for PhD students at the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties, Uppsala University, given in English once per term. The course covers descriptive statistics and basic statistical analysis. Learn more >>

A course in epidemiological methods at an intermediate to advanced level is organised each fall by Karl Michaëlsson and Liisa Byberg. The course is listed among the research training courses for doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University
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