Why do we need a new platform?

At UCR, we have the same goals as our clients – to keep on improving healthcare, step by step. To do this as efficiently as possible, we are putting a lot of effort into developing our product platform that we call QReg5. This will form the basis for all registries at UCR. Operation, maintenance, usability, security, compliance – all functions essential in a quality registry are included.

As a developer using QReg5, you don’t need to spend time and effort on the basics common to all quality registries. Instead you can focus on what makes your registry valuable – the content.

The platform will be a complete package, including documentation and other instructions for building a registry. Building on the platform cuts development timelines for new registries. Using a common ground for multiple registries spreads the costs of operation and upgrading, and makes it easier and cheaper to meet changing demands in the future.

Building, running, and maintaining a registry at UCR will be easier than ever!

The basics

Registry content for the user
Thousands of users enter healthcare data into UCR’s quality registries every day. Quality data helps to improve care services day by day. With the QReg5 platform, every care unit can use the same parameters to analyze and follow up their own performance. We provide predefined reports that are easy to use in presentations and share with colleagues.

High security and legal sustainability
It goes without saying that all quality registries at UCR adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. A common platform makes it easier to keep up to date in this regard. Decisions are centralized and are applied to all registries built on the platform. We are confident that the solutions we build provide a secure and robust operating environment.

Efficient development and management
With the new platform, development and management of registries is easier and faster. Different registries have a common foundation in terms of both technical solutions and user interface. Costs for platform development and management are shared.

Designed for usability
The new platform follows the EU rules and guidelines for accessibility.
Our ambition is that a quality registry shall be clear, consistent, efficient and not least attractive. To achieve this, we are putting extra effort into usability and design. We want users involved in registration for analysis and care improvement to spend as little time as possible learning how to use the registry. This will help them focus their attention on the content.

Modular functionality
The platform is constructed using building blocks that can be added to or removed from a registry as required. Going forward, it will be easier to integrate a registry with external services with other parts of the healthcare system as well as other UCR offerings such as frameworks for R-RCT studies.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions – or if we have just tickled your curiosity – you are welcome to contact us for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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