To Lars Wallentin, Jonas Oldgren and Stefan James, three of UCR's researchers, who are on the list of the world's most cited researchers.

Congratulations also to UCR for being an organization that provides opportunities to create research results that are international cited and affecting development of health care in Sweden and the rest of the world.

- What does it mean that you have received this award?

"A recognition that our scientific work is important as it is widely used and quoted by other researchers. It is a sign of confidence that what we publish is of good quality and that our research is of importance to patients around the world." - Lars Wallentin


- Why do you think that 3 of the 4 Swedish researchers in clinical medicine have UCR as their origin?

"I think it's because UCR has managed to gather a lot of good forces and people who are driven by trying and wanting to do good.

For me, it also means that the leadership at UCR is strong and successful - that what Lars with a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit has built up has been managed and developed strongly by Bertil Lindahl and Jonas.

This is also possible because of the fact that Uppsala University and the University Hospital provide the conditions for strong clinical research and that the entire UCR gathers staff who are extraordinary. I think it's because there are many of us who have the will and power to work hard and that there is a great deal of generosity and community in and around UCR. " - Stefan James

- What is the secret?

"To create a group with the will and drive to seek new knowledge and constantly improve. Those common forces work together and create good circles. In addition, in that environment provide space for individuals who want to challenge their own abilities.

We also work with clinical research on major public diseases that create interest among the population, public and private financiers and companies that develop drugs and medical products.

We work in close collaboration with our national and international associations and universities, which gives us great visibility and opportunities to influence research, guidelines and implementation of research results" - Jonas Oldgren


-What needs to happen for more people from Sweden to be on the list?

"To provide inspiration and motivation so that more people want to work with clinical research and development. To create more collaborations and draw more people into the good collaborative forces that exist beyond daily small and big worries at clinics, institutions, and in the world around us." - Stefan James