The UCR Registry centre is continually developing its technology solutions in order to more smoothly and easily adapt the technology to new demands from register holders, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALARS and individual county councils. Thanks to our state-of-the-art advanced platform, UCR offers technology that can be adapted to everything from a small register to a complete care solution.

The technique also enables randomised clinical register studies at a fraction of the cost of a traditional randomized clinical study. UCR can also contribute the resources necessary for research teams, statistical assistance, and data monitoring.

The most recent platform developed by the UCR Registry Center is called QReg 5. The advantages include

  • Facilitates reducing the workload for healthcare personnel who report data to the register. This takes place through integration with the medical records system; the option of entry via tablets and mobiles; and the patient's own care experiences can be entered directly by the patients.
  • Improves visualization of data. A variety of graphic tools are available with integral search functions that make it easier to administrate the register and provide a good overview. The platform also offers the possibility of portals with open data.
  • Supports a structured collection of data by using established code systems such as ICD-10, KVÅ, SFAI and Snomed.
  • Generates greater flexibility when choosing analysis tools.
  • Improves traceability of collected data.
  • Simplifies export of data to various analytical tools, as well as Excel for example.
  • Simplifies the possibility of harmonization with international registers, including multi-language options.
  • Simplifies the work of auditors and the Central Personal Data Controller (CPDC) through smoother log in to everything available on the platform.
  • Enables prenumeration services in which the user can prenumber selected reports to be sent digitally.
  • Enables communication with patients via SMS, My Care Contacts, mail or e-letter (distributed by the postal services).


The UCR Registry Center complies with the confidentiality legislation relating to national quality registers. The platform meets today's requirements for data security.


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