The UCR Registry Center is the natural collaboration partner for all your register needs. We provide a wide range of services with flexible work methods that accommodate your needs. Thanks to the numerous registers already established and our long experience, we hold extensive knowledge in many different clinical fields.

A brief summary of our services includes:

• Advice before starting a register
Our specialists will assist with the design and organization of the register, our economists will provide advice and support, our lawyers will ensure compliance with legislation and regulations, and our technicians will set up the register on a state-of-the art platform. The UCR Registry Center also has experts in user-friendliness who prior to starting the register conduct a pilot study in which they interview users in the healthcare services. This is to ensure that the purpose of the register is fulfilled - to raise the quality of patient care.

• Operating the register
Once the register is up and running, UCR can provide support with administration, economic management, technical operation and development of the service, compilation of statistics, analyses and extraction of data and reports.

• Scientific validation
Physicians and researchers associated with UCR will ensure that data extracted from the register are scientifically validated.

• Operations development
We are continuously developing existing registers while maintaining the focus on quality.

• Laboratory, biobank and clinical trials
The UCR framework includes a laboratory where we receive samples and perform tests; a biobank that creates and maintains a stable organization and structure around biobank samples and sample collections; as well as specialists in clinical studies who can assist with all aspects of a clinical trial, or just individual elements.

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