Uppsala Biobank maintains the competence and tools to support researchers and companies working with biobank samples.

We can provide support and advice on practical and logistical issues such as sample handling, containers, labels and freezer storage when collecting biobank samples. Uppsala Biobank provides a hospital integrated biobank service where biobank samples can be collected via the healthcare services in collaboration with the Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology (KKF) and Clinical Pathology (KP) laboratories at Uppsala University Hospital. This automated collection system has huge advantages including 24-hour sample collection, involvement of fewer personnel in sample handling, and secure data transfer via the Uppsala Biobank IT system etc. Go to the website to learn more: www.uppsalabiobank.uu.se

Uppsala Biobank can assist with:

  • Advice on biobank questions
  • Sample handling
  • Sample storage in our Freezer Hotel
  • Information and training services
  • IT support to safeguard traceability and data linked to biobank samples

Any questions? Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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