Uppsala Biobank and UCR Laboratory

Uppsala Biobank is the only biobank in Uppsala County and is shared by Uppsala County Council and Uppsala University. It is responsible for all biobank samples and sample collections for the principal. Sample collections include research sample collections as well as sample collections intended for care, diagnostics and treatment (CDT). In 2013, as the first biobank in the country, we published an open list of all research sample collections on our website: www.uppsalabiobank.uu.se.

Uppsala Biobank offers biobank advisory services free of charge and provides training in practical application of the laws and regulations governing biobank samples. Uppsala Biobank also provides services such as collection of biobank samples, storage of samples (Freezer Hotel) as well as an IT system for sample management. As the first biobank in Sweden, Uppsala Biobank has, in collaboration with the Uppsala University Hospital Laboratory, developed innovative and unique logistics solutions in which the hospital infrastructure is used for resource-efficient biobanking. This logistics solution is known as Hospital Integrated Biobanking and enables problem-free collection of biobank samples via the hospital.

The UCR Laboratory is located within Uppsala Biobank and offers analyses and other laboratory services to researchers and companies. UCR Laboratory also works with method development. This makes it possible to tailor speciality analyses and to work on development of test instruments for companies. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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