Here is a list of some of the most common tasks that prompt contact with the support organisation, as well as recommendations on how to most easily resolve the problem.

I can not access the system – I have not been added as a user

The central support organisation at UCR does not have the mandate or authority to create and add local users unless this is to be managed locally in accordance with provisions and routines.

This type of task is sent to the relevant register administrator for attention. The register administrator then contacts the local administrator.

I can not access the system – it is down

Before creating a task that the system is down, check that the problem is not a local one. Check that your colleagues can access the system, and check the internet connection.

When the local support organization receives this type of task, troubleshooting first verifies whether the system is up or down, and then checks that other users have access to the system. The support organisation then sends a reply describing what the user must do.

I can not access the system – my SITHS card does not work

UCR has no support for the SITHS card except for providing the service for using the SITHS card for authentication of the user's access to the register.  If you have a problem with your SITHS card and log in, first try troubleshooting using this link SITHS help. For further information on the SITHS cards and how they are used in the registers administrated by UCR, see more general information on SITHS cards.

How do I…

Questions of the type  "How do I…" indicate that the user needs help to actually use the system. The local support organization will send a reply describing what the user must do, or if it is a complex issue, it will be forwarded to an expert user for the relevant registry. The reply may take longer in these cases, but our goal is to manage all questions as quickly as possible based on relevant prioritization.

I have made a mistake, how can I correct it?

If you have done something and the registration/entry is incorrect, and you do not know how to correct it, you should immediately contact your local support. Trying to resolve the problem yourself is always risky.

The local support organization will either send a reply that describes what you must do or will forward the task to an expert user for the relevant register who will take over the responsibility of replying.

This doesn't work very well…

Tasks of the type "This doesn't work very well…” signals that the user is having a problem with something in the system and they want it changed. In these cases, we welcome any proposals for alternative solutions.

This type of task is forwarded by the local support organization to the relevant register administration where they are logged as opinions or wishes in a list of proposed changes or improvement proposals. If necessary, you may be contacted.

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