UCR's central support organization maintains the register systems, but does not deal with actual use of the system. This is done by the registry organization or in certain cases by the county council's IT departments.

Registers affiliated with the UCR Registry Center have three support areas.

It is important that, in the first instance, users of the system ask for assistance from their local support organization, which can vary from care provider to care provider. The local support organization can then refer the questions to the central support organization at UCR. However, it is important that all tasks are first collected at the local level. This is so that the local administration knows about the problems that affect the users.

The central support organisation at UCR is available between 8:00 AM and 5.00 PM on weekdays. All tasks receive an acknowledgement when they are received by the task system. The task is then forwarded to those parts of the central support organization that deals with that particular registry. Here, the tasks are prioritized, handled and processed based on the type and description. All tasks are processed within 2-3 working days - however this does not mean that they are resolved.

In all contact with the local support organization it is important to include

  • The name and the name of the hospital/care unit.
  • Contact details including email and a direct phone number.
  • In certain registers the problems are divided into categories. Select the one that is most appropriate.
  • Enter a correct and clear description of the problem. If the problem relates to a specific page, note the name of the page with the description.
  • Make sure that the patient's personal data are never attached to a task.
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